The Gender Function entails:

  1. Developing, reviewing, interpreting, implementation and monitoring of gender policies, programmes and plans;
  2. Designing and facilitating programmes/projects that promote gender equality;
  3. Coordination of gender mainstreaming into the national development agenda;
  4. Institutionalization of gender mainstreaming in Ministries/Departments, Counties and Agencies (MDCAs);
  5. Promotion of gender socio-economic empowerment;
  6. Sensitization of stakeholders on gender related issues;
  7. Monitoring the implementation of gender related funds;
  8. Undertaking research on gender issues;
  9. Management of the Gender Research and Documentation Centre;
  10. Monitoring prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV);
  11. Coordination of programmes for elimination of incidences of FGM and SGBV;
  12. Development and maintenance of gender disaggregated data and management information systems;
  13. Promotion of partnership with stakeholders on gender related matters;
  14. Monitoring and validating impact of gender programmes and projects;
  15. Negotiation, domestication and reporting on gender related international and regional treaties, protocols and conventions; and,
  16. Community mobilization on gender issues.