Lady Justice Effie Owuor, a retired judge of the Court of Appeal of Kenya, had a distinguished legal career spanning 33 years. She has a distinction of having a series of “firsts” being the first woman state counsel, the first woman magistrate and the very first judge of the High Court and then of the Court of Appeal. She is also credited with being the first woman to sit on the bench

She also served Kenya’s Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF whose special role was   advocacy, fundraising, and spotlighting the rights and plight of children in need of  special protection in addition to chairing several national task forces. This included the task force for the review of laws affecting the rights of women and the task force on implementation of the Sexual Offences Act. She currently chairs the Sexual offences task force.

Lady Justice Owuor also consults for various national institutions, governments, non-governmental institutions within the country and the region and has written widely and presented a number of papers and opinions on justice, governance and human rights issues.

She was awarded the 2nd Class of the Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS)