National Steering Committee

The National Steering Committee of the Sanitary Towels programme comprises of Principal Secretaries of the following State Departments;

  1. Gender Affairs
  2. Youth Affairs;
  3. Basic Education;
  4. Interiors and Coordination of National Government;
  5. Social Protection; and
  6. The National Treasury.

Their responsibilities involve giving policy direction on the Sanitary towels programme and review implementation reports from the National Secretariat and make recommendations. This Committee is chaired by the Principal Secretary for Gender Affairs.

National Management Committee

The National Management Committee reports to the National Steering Committee. It shall be responsible for:

  • The inspection, verification and acceptance of sanitary towels.
  • Coordinate and receive reports from the Counties
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the programme
  • Coordination of Communication and Publicity
  • Managing the resourcing, distribution logistics from sub-counties to schools through the office of the County Women Representative
  • Prepare budgets on the programme.

County Commissioners Office

The County Commissioners office coordinates the sanitary towels programme at the county level with the Deputy County Commissioners (DCC) and the whole administration structure to the village. They shall be responsible for receiving the supplies at the Sub-County office led by the DCC and release for onward distribution.

They shall work in liaison with the Office of the women Representatives in the distribution to target schools and in Monitoring and evaluation of the entire programme.

Office of the Women Representative

Their role shall be to communicate and publicize the programme to the community. They shall oversee and lead distribution from sub-county headquarters to target beneficiaries. They shall monitor and evaluate the programme in terms of how schools and how many girls have benefited

Sub- County Implementation Committee

Their role shall be to identify the beneficiaries of the sanitary towels. They shall receive and inspect and release supplies to the office of the County Women Representative for onward distribution. They shall oversee the communication and publicity and submit quarterly reports to the County Commissioner’s office.

The Committee draws its membership from the Gender Affairs, Education, Social Services, Youth Affairs, Social Development and TSC

School/Institutional Implementation Committee

In each of the Sub-Counties there shall be a school/Institutional implementation committee that shall receive supplies from the office of the County Women Representative and the Sub- County Commissioner to distribute the sanitary towels to school girls. They shall maintain a record of the beneficiaries. They shall be required to submit quarterly reports to the Sub- County Implementation Committee and the school Board of Management.