Hon. Safina Kwekwe Tsungu.

Principal Secretary, State Department of Gender Affairs

Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs

Hon. Safina Kwekwe Tsungu was appointed the Principal Secretary for Gender Affairs in the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs on January 26th 2018 by His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. Prior to her appointment as Principal Secretary, Hon. Tsungu was the County Executive Committee (CEC) Member in charge of Industry, Trade and Co-operative Development in the County Government of Kwale from May 2013 – October 2017.

Being the Principal Secretary in charge of Gender Affairs, she is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the implementation of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE) programmes in the country, overseeing the access and utilization of Affirmative Action Funds; Women Enterprise Fund (WEF), Uwezo Fund, the National Government Affirmative Action Funds (NGAAF), the 30% Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) for women, youth and persons with disabilities, elimination of Gender Based Violence in all its forms, including FGM, and ensuring access to justice and safeguarding  gender equality as espoused in the Constitution.

While serving as a County Executive Committee member in charge of Industry, Trade and Co-operative Development in the County Government of Kwale, she was responsible for shaping policy and programmatic decisions in the respective areas of trade and investment as catalysts for steady industrialization of Kwale County in line with Kenya’s vision 2030. She was also responsible for reducing barriers to trade, both internally and with other counties; and making Kwale County the investment destination of choice for serious local and international investors

Hon. Tsungu has served in various organisations and institutions both in civil society and the Public sector. Notably, she worked with Action Aid International –Kenya for more than 8 years as a women’s rights coordinator. While at Action Aid, she established a programme for female employees at the workplace, and the  “Sauti ya Wanawake” as an advocacy platform on the gender agenda. She also developed girls’ forums in schools to help them (the girls) to find safe spaces to discuss their issues, get inspired and face the world with confidence. She  championed for women to get into leadership positions, both in political and socio-economic arenas and helped shape the organisation’s 5 year strategy to respond to the needs and aspirations of girls and women.

Hon. Tsungu also served the East African Community as a legislator in the second East African Legislative Assembly and chaired the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture, Tourism and Natural Resources for two and half years. During her tenure as the chairperson of this committee, they passed Laws on control of polythene materials, protection and management of trans-boundary ecosystems within the EAC region and on making tourism and wildlife conservation a regional affair rather than a national affair.

Hon. Tsungu pioneered the establishment of the EALA Women’s Parliamentarian’s Forum which she chaired for 5 years. She initiated legislation on ending violence against women across the entire East African region and entrenching women entrepreneurs at the centre of the EAC integration process.

She is a holder of a Master’s degree in International Trade Policy and Trade Law from Lund University, Sweden and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from The University of Nairobi. She is an Alumni of Alliance Girls High School.

Hon. Tsungu is a self-driven person who works best in an environment where she has freedom to be innovative and initiate initiatives that bring change. She is committed to purpose, is full of integrity and has respect for human dignity.