Prof. Wanjiku Kabira is a professor of literature and creative writing who has widely published on literature, women and gender. She has specialized in oral literature, Eastern Africa and West African Literature, African American, Caribbean literature and Black Aesthetics, writing and criticism through her academic publications and policy analysis and evidence based policy advocacy among others. She has over the years published widely on literature, women and on gender issues. One of her notable publications include, “Time for Harvest: Women and Constitution Making in Kenya” which traces women’s struggles to change their status, their lives and their entire destiny.

She has shown distinguished leadership of the Kenyan Women’s movement and has been actively involved in women affairs and gender issues for several years.

She also doubles as the Director, African Women Studies Centre at the University of Nairobi. It was through her work with women that the centre was set up.  The centre, a first in Africa, is committed to promoting African Women’s experiences and worldview in scholarship, policy and institutional development. She has been involved in several other national and regional developments largely promoting gender matters and forwarding the women’s agenda.

Prof Kabira was also involved in the review process of the Constitution having served as a Vice Chair, Constitution of Kenya Review Commission and  a member of the, Rapid  Results  Initiative  Committee  on  sensitization  of  staff  on the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

She was awarded the Order of the Burning Spear, 1st Class, Chief of the Burning Spear (CBS).